goddamn damn damn (tokio) wrote in no_makeup_pix,
goddamn damn damn

Charmed, I'm sure.

Hello, natural beauties! I'm so excited to finally be part of a beauty community where people do NOT constantly talk about foundation and shades and water lines and oh gosh. Don't get me wrong, I think make-up is fun. What isn't fun is when we feel so much external pressure, it becomes internalized into the concept that we must do more to be attractive to others, we must feel bad about ourselves when we eat, we must exercise to be thin instead of healthy, we must adhere to societal standards at the expense of our personal ideals. And this seems like a wonderful place to say that I don't care about any of those things. I am me.

So, here I am. And here are my pictures.

Oh no! It appears I have gotten this whole make-up thing horribly wrong! Apparently, using make-up is supposed to make me look more feminine, not masculine. Well. Don't I feel silly?

Does being thin mean I have stop eating curry all the time? Because I'll choose curry every time.

RIP Toulouse. He was a wonderful cat.

Cuddling with The Main Maine Coon, Brie! She recently got very sick and almost died as a result of a veterinarian's negligence. I'm posting this in her homage. And, don't worry! Another veterinarian took wonderful care of her and she's in tip-top health right now.

My grandfather and I showing off how much we look alike. This was right before his hair started growing back in after a really bad round of chemotherapy made him lose it! He now has a full head of hair, and he looks so handsome.

I look forward to meeting all of you!
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you're utterly beautiful, and radiantly so. thanks for posting :)
Oh, wow. That is incredibly sweet of you. Thank you!
nice, hehe i thought u had photo shopped the first image till i read the comment :P

you are beautiful :)
Photoshopping hairs onto the roundness of my boobs would be much more of a challenge than I'm willing to take on. I'm awful at "drawing" with a mouse. Thanks for the compliment!
Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing them! You're absolutely stunning!
Oh, holy shit, thank you! Thank you for welcoming me into the community as well.
It's been fairly quiet so I'm delighted to have a new poster, actually! Plus the picture of your with the facial and chest hair is brilliant! I like people with a good sense of humour about themselves.
I agree with above posters, you're gorgeous! And I love the family pics (kitties and grandpa). :)
Aw, thank you!