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Natural Beauty

You Are Beautiful As You Are

Natural Beauty - Embracing your natural self.
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A community for women to feel beautiful in themselves. No make-up, no surgery!
This is a community made by a woman, for people that feel the pressure of media to be perfect.
I created this community with one goal in mind. To remind you:


This community is all about people helping other people to recognise the natural beauty in themselves! What happens in this community?

1. Picture Posts.

Take a photo of yourself with no make-up on. None at all. If you really feel uncomfortable, I'll let you get by with mascara, powder and lipgloss, but I prefer no make-up at all. I will notice if you're wearing foundation or if the picture has been retouched. I know photoshops, yo! This isn't about how pretty you can get if you subject yourself to powders and pigments. This is how beautiful you are when you value your own natural self and let your self worth shine through!

2. Tips to take care of yourself.

I'll let through posts (and even make a few) where you can share healthy, beneficial things a woman can do to keep fit and look after herself. Not to look thin, not to get into a bikini for summer, not to starve herself or to cave in to societal pressure to be something that is impossible for any mortal woman to be. I'm talking healthy, yummy food, fun exercise and past-times, great ways to take care of your hair and body and learning to love yourself even if you have so-called 'imperfections'.

3. Self-esteem posts.

We get it from all directions ever day - the word that unless we conform to an impossible ideal, or at least try to, we aren't worth anything as people. It's time to balance out that negative reinforcement with some positive ones! Let's tell each other that we are worthy individuals, gorgeous and wonderful as we are, and to encourage each other with stories of our own triumphs over 'fat' days and difficulties.


- Magazine Airbrushing
- Lambasting female celebrities for not being perfect, be it not wearing make-up one day, or having cellulite at the beach, or not weighing less than 120lbs.
- The idea that our natural body functions (breastfeeding, periods, oily skin, etc) are disgusting or inappropriate in any way.
- The pressure to submit to beauty practices that are actually potentially harmful to us (eg. tanning, tanning beds, plastic surgery, crash diets, etc).


- Women sharing pictures of their natural selves, regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, age or background.

1. No trolling. I'll just kick you out if you do.
1a. No feeding the trolls. I have this comm moderated, but you never know, someone might say something pointlessly mean for shits and giggles. I will deal with them, but don't be afraid of people like this - just ignore them.
2. No memes. This journal is for the purposes listed above only.
3. No spamming or advertisements. Recommending a product is fine, but let's keep the commercialism out of this.
4. No trash talk. People that conform to unrealistic standards of beauty are as much victims of this institutionalised control as we are. We can criticise certain practices and the media and corporations that feed of of our insecurities, but let's not get personal with celebrities and those that strive to be like them. There are a lot of nice people out there that don't know how it got to be this way, and we're better being positive and encouraging than disparaging and cruel.
5. NO DEBATES. This is a debate free zone! We are here to be positive with each other! Reasoned discussion is fine, but please, no wank!
6. Please put big pictures under cuts! And if you have a few photos, this is fine, just put them under cuts!

CLARIFICATION: I don't hate make-up. I actually have huge collections of make-up and love nothing more than a fun make-over. However, there needs to be a balance in the messages women are getting. Not enough are being told that while make-up is fun, it's not essential to our worth as human beings, and that if we leave the house without it, we're not slobs or any less beautiful than any other woman walking down the street. Women need to be respected whether they wear make-up or not.